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Nyimbo Za Injili System

Written in: Next.js | React Native | OpenAI
| Jan 2024 update |

Nyimbo Za Injili is an open-source application that contains lyrics of the hymn book Nyimbo Za Injili to be used to sing along to hymn songs. The system has recently been updated to include an 'Injili Assistant' using AI technology. More Info below...

Nyimbo Za Injili image

Somosure Insurance

Written in: React, Node and MongoDB
| Jun 2023 |

This is a system designed for Somosure Insurance to sell and resell insurance from partner companies. The project contains the main customer website and an admin/agent dashboard all connected to an api backend with payment integration.


Somosure Admin

Written in: React, Node and MongoBD
| Jun 2023 |

This is the test dashboard for Somosure Insurance. It is designed to manage partners, insurance policies, claims and customer data. It is to be used by admins and agents.

Somosure Admin Dashboard

Go Experience Cloud

Written in: Vue Js | Jun 2022 |

This a call center solution for companies that is used to streamline customer care for companies. It entails calls, text and social media integration to make it a one stop shop solution.


Bigtyme Properties

Written in: React | Nov 2020 |

This a website you can browse through a variety of land and property for sale. You are then able to contact the seller of the property and become a potential buyer.


BestPrice App

Written in React Native with node backend
| Jan 2022 |

This app is used to receive notifications on price changes for a user's desired products form top online shops/stores acreoss the internet. The user can purchase the product at the best discounted prices.


Biofit Oviponics

Written in: React, Node and PostgresQL
| Jan 2023 |

This is a website used by farmers and agrovets to get information on farm produce, equipment and health. It is also used to make orders and purchases for fish products.



From frontend to backend to trendy Mobile develpoment, have a look at the technologies I am equiped with. I work with the latest, greatest and most stable tools. Incase you have questions, suggestions or would like to have a chat feel free to visit the contact section.


Did you know that in the morning your user checks their android phone before they know if they have breakfast? I will convert your idea into an android app to be used on the world's number one widely used operating system.

Web Design

Beauty lies in the designs you have. I will transform those beautiful website/app ideas into a functional reality that you can brag about. You dont have a good looking idea? I have you covered. I build beautiful sites with html, css and JavaScript.


The manner in which data is consumed by your users really matters. I will integrate APIs that your application can consume effectively. Do you want your own API? I've got you covered. I will design your desired API to use in your app.


Do you value functionality of your webapp. I build singlepage webapps with angular and typescript. Have your angular apps stable, with fast loading time and with the best UX/UI. Your users will love what you have to offer them.


That app that is static can get quite boring. Integrate interactivity within your application to handle your user interaction. I will do this for you using JavaScript technology for that convenience of your users.


Speed and stability is a basic need for apps. I write apps in java which is known for its speed and stability over the years. Don't let your users go walk their chicken as they wait for the slow app to respond. Let me make you Java!


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